Property Developments Of Obvious Distinction

Invest in Prestigious Residential Properties with CarltoneWe have a very exacting selection process, and only undertake projects for top-class property developments where we know we can redevelop a property and refurbish it to our highest standards, for the benefit of future owners, tenants, and the surrounding area. Our sought-after residential properties offer a level of prestige and luxury often imitated, but seldom matched.

We work in close synergy with our select partners, such as property investors, developers, solicitors and construction companies, to ensure that every aspect of our property developments is handled with the utmost regard for quality. You can rest assured our upscale properties offer the epitome of prestigious comtemporary living and working in London.

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The Tram Studio

The Tram Studio A discovery was made of a unique old architectural site which was once a pinnacle of London’s fantastic industrial revolution and its commuting Tramway System in the early 20th Century. This site recently reached the open market for redevelopment and Carltone applied, competed, and won over all its competitors, and welcomed its apportionment to plan and supervise re-construction and conservation of this character building located north of Central London, east of Regents Park.

The Team of skilled Architects, Engineers, IT and Designers studied and investigated the background of this site prior to restoration to conserve this Grade II listed building brick by brick, top to bottom. The objective was to completely Update and improve its facilities, such as air cooling/heating, perimeter, trunking, improving of light with category II lighting, re-glazing, on line services and extra mezzanine floors, while retaining all original features. The features include the high atrium, the gantry, the skylights and 30ft tall windows.