Offices, Shops And Other Commercial Properties in London

Invest in Commercial Properties with CarltoneCarltone believe that the place where you work should have a personality,  just like the place where you live. Too many shops and offices lack character – they are unimaginitive, just four walls surrounding a space. At Carltone, we look for something special in all our commercial property developments – a building with character, that certain something that make sit more than just an enclosed space. Carltone develop commercial properties in London, particularly commercial developments in the North of London.

We have a strict set of requirements when sourcing commercial redevelopment opportunities, that ensure all Carltone commercial developments are entirely suitable for your purposes – our shops feature high usable floor space and feature windows, our office spaces allow for flexibility to expand, or to change departments round, even completely transform the layout. For a business to thrive, the location is key – our shops are located in high footfall areas, our offices within good reach of local transport.

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Recent Commercial Developments

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