Carltone Property Guide To London Areas

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Carltone Property Quick Guide To Areas of London

If you are thinking about relocating to London for work, now is the time to start looking into the different suburbs and areas in London that you might want to live in. Finding a home in London is not as easy as it might seem – properties in the British Capital sell fast and for high prices. You might be wise to consult with one of the excellent relocation agents who will help you find the perfect apartment or house in an area that suits you.

Each different area in London has its own pros and cons, and each one has its own personality. You need to look at the features you require from an area – such as schools, shops, dining, and medical facilities – you can then start looking for potential rental homes suitable for the duration of your stay. Although the Internet makes it far easier to look at properties and find out about areas than it used to be, it’s not the same as actually being there in person – you will only really be able to properly assess each area once you are on the ground. Take a walk around the area and see if it lives up to your expectations before renting a home.

North London

Pricey suburbs where  the rich and famous choose to live. These suburbs have a distinctly village feel to them, with plenty of open spaces and are great for families. If you have the cash, Hampstead and Highgate are the most desirable suburbs to choose.

South London

A lively area that has undergone great change in the past few years. While the great North London vs. South London debate will always be lively, there are some charming and dynamic areas in South London that are great if you have a job nearby and if you like enjoying the interesting nightlife that South London has to offer. Clapham and Brixton have undergone massive urban development recently and have become suburbs of choice for many expats living in London.

East London

Traditionally this has not been an area that many expats choose to live in, but recently there have been more people choosing to live in suburbs that are close to the city, such as the beautiful suburb of Greenwich and the urban renewal areas of Canary Wharf. There are some pretty pricey apartments along the river, but they have great views and are considered prime real estate locations.

West London

Traditionally this is considered a transient area of London with plenty of Aussies and South Africans living here. It does have a great nightlife and there are an astonishing amount of pubs in the area. The prices of London apartments in this area are quite reasonable and if you are looking to buy real estate then you might some real gems in suburbs such as Hammersmith or Shepherd’s Bush.

Look Before You Leap!

You really need to have a list of items that are important to you before you start looking for a home in London. Like any big city, London is incredibly diverse – you might not find what you are looking for as soon as you land in London. If you know that you are going to be in London for a number of years then you should take a bit of time to find the perfect home for you and your loved ones. The time you invest in finding the right location now will repay you in the years to come while you are living in your new London home.